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Your Jewellery Tells the Stories of Your Life… We Encourage You to Protect Your Purchases!

We have you covered

When you purchase jewellery in-store from a Q Certified Jewellery, you can request a Q Report jewellery insurance policy before you shop. This ensures that your new prized possession can be protected before reaching the street. Alternatively, you can get an instant online jewellery insurance quote on our website and manage the process from home.

Diamond Jewellery Insurance with Q Report

  • Q Report insurance protects your jewellery with specialised and comprehensive cover. Our policies are designed specifically for jewellery – that’s all we do – giving you confidence in your cover instead of relying on confusing and general home and contents insurance.

Instant Cover

  • Coverage is instant from the moment payment has been successfully received. You will automatically receive a Coverage Summary confirming you are covered.

Worldwide Cover

  • Comprehensive protection for your jewellery while travelling anywhere in the world.

Valuing Your Jewellery

  • The advantage of insuring your jewellery with Q Report is that we have jewellery insurance specialists. They only insure jewellery – it’s their focus and passion. Another reason to consider Q Report is that if your precious jewellery is damaged or lost, you can come back to us to fix or replace your jewellery. This ensures you get to work with the jewellers you want, instead of those the insurance company instructs you to.

An Agreed Value Policy

  • In essence, our ‘Agreed Value’ policies mean that in the event of an approved claim for a full loss, we will pay the full insured amount on your policy (less the $100 excess). Some policies won’t pay the full amount shown on your policy if they can replace your item for less by using terminology like you are insured “up to the sum insured”. This isn’t the case when you choose a Q Report policy; we’re committed to providing the agreed value.

What’s Covered

  • Loss : You will be covered if your jewellery is accidentally lost.
  • Theft: You will be covered if your jewellery is stolen.
  • Damage: You will be covered if your jewellery is accidentally damaged.
  • Mysterious Disappearance: You will be covered if your jewellery mysteriously disappears.
  • Natural Disaster: You will be covered if your jewellery is lost or damaged as a result of a natural disaster, it’s covered.

What’s Not Covered

  • War & Authority: Loss or damage due to war, miliatary action, nuclear hazar or confiscation by civil authority, like law enforcement or other government entities is not covered.
  • Deterioration: Damage from inherent defects or typical wear and tear is not covered.(Think gradual, expected deterioration like small scratches on the underside of a ring).
  • Intentional Actions: Purposely damaging or losing your jewellery won’t be covered. Fraud associated with voluntary parting isn’t either. If you sell your jewellery and the check bounces that’s not included.
  • Critters: Damage from vermin, rodents or insects isn’t covered. So if a moth infestation affects the heirlooms in your attic, you couldn’t file a claim for that.

How Much Does it Cost?

At Q Report, if your jewellery is valued between $1,000 and $5,000, you’ll be eligible for a Q Pocket Policy. If your jewellery is valued over $5,000, you’ll be covered by our Q Classic Policy. We’ll go into more detail on our types of coverage at the end of this guide. Remember, you can get a quick online Q Report quote at any time.

Why Insure Your Jewellery ?
3 Helpful Facts:

  • Homeowners or renters policies don’t cut it.

Your jewellery needs protection everywhere you take it, so home and contents insurance already has a drawback.

  • Replacement and repair will cost you too much.

Depending on the style, the size, and the type of metal the clasp is made of they will the cost will be calculated. So, it’s better to get an insurance.

  • Not insuring your jewellery will cost you even more!

Jewellery insurance for your high-value items only cost about 0.5-1.5% of the total value. There’s no reason not to insure it today.


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